Petzl Stop Abseilgerät

Das Petzl Stop ist ein selbstbremsendes Abseilgerät für Einfachseile und geeignet für Seildurchmesser von 9 mm bis 12 mm




Petzl, Stop, Blue, D09

Binding: Ausrüstung
  • Self-braking function allows you to easily stop and hold your position on rope
  • Device can be rapidly installed or removed from the rope without disconnecting it from the harness
  • May also be used to ascend short distances with the addition of an ascender and foot loop
  • Rope compatibility: For use with single ropes between 9 and 12 mm in diameter
  • Material(s): aluminum bobbins, replaceable if worn out

Brand: Petzl
Studio: PEU0I|#Petzl
Label: PEU0I|#Petzl
Publisher: PEU0I|#Petzl
Manufacturer: PEU0I|#Petzl
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